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Shykia Bell was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY by her parents, Mildred and William. After earning a bachelor's degree in Communication Design, she held a variety of jobs and her design and production work has been published in newspapers, magazines, television, billboards as well as the NYC transit system. Eventually, Shykia felt the need to shift gears in not only her career, but her life as well. After resigning from her previous job, she began writing as a therapeutic form of expression. It didn't take long for those writings to transform, ultimately resulting in the creation of Camileon. Shykia still resides in Brooklyn with her fiancé Max and their pets--a black cat and cockatiel. Though she devotes most of her time to writing, she is still does design work on occasion. At present, she is diligently working on the succeeding installments of Camileon, a planned trilogy.









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